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Enhancing Engagement & Maximizing Impact with ConnectHub

Your Omnichannel Direct Mail Solution

What Is ConnectHub?

ConnectHub: Elevating Your Marketing Reach with Integrated Direct Mail and Digital Strategies. Our solution expertly tracks your direct mail campaign’s performance while amplifying its effectiveness through strategic digital platform integration. By adopting an omnichannel marketing strategy, ConnectHub transforms each mail piece into a series of engaging, repeated impressions across diverse platforms. Statistics show that 80% of conversions—be it sales, donations, or even votes—happen after the 8th to 12th interaction. ConnectHub ensures your message makes an impactful 8 to 32 impressions per piece, engaging your audience within the critical conversion window to significantly boost your direct mail campaign’s response rates.

Boost Direct Mail Response Rates by 23-46% at Minimal Cost with ConnectHub.

What We Offer

14 Cutting-Edge Technologies Across 4 Platforms


Sync Facebook and Instagram with Your Mailing List for Timely Social Ad Delivery Across Campaign Phases

Mail Tracking

Track Your Mail Campaign Precisely: Get Real-Time Updates on Deliveries, Access Exportable Lists, and Obtain Detailed Insights on Every Piece of Mail.

Informed Delivery®

Enhance Your Campaign with Informed Delivery®: Integrate Full-Color, Clickable Ads into USPS's Daily Email Previews. Gain Insight with Detailed Lists of Recipients Who Received, Opened, and Engaged with Your Ad, Providing Clear Attribution.

QR Codes

Boost Interaction Using Static or Personalized QR Codes: Elevate Mail Response Rates and Monitor Scans with Our Advanced Reporting Dashboard, Detailing Who Engaged with Your Campaign.

Call & Text Tracking

Monitor Your Campaign's Success: Record Each Call/Text Triggered by Your Mail Campaign, Capturing Respondent Details When Possible. Enhance Engagement and Boost Conversions by Distributing Coupons and URLs via SMS Using the Same Tracking Number.

Online Follow-Up

Recapture the Attention of Website Visitors: Use Retargeting Ads on the Google Display Network to Remind Non-Converters of Their Interest and Encourage Return Visits.

Social Media Follow-Up

Recapture the Attention of Website Visitors: Use Retargeting Ads on the Google Display Network to Remind Non-Converters of Their Interest and Encourage Return Visits.

YouTube Ads

Stand Out and Capture Attention: Utilize Dynamic Video Instream Ads to Present Your Message Before Users Watch Their Favorite YouTube Videos, Engaging Your Audience Right from the Start.

Demand Gen

Display Your Ads Across Google's Ecosystem: Reach Audiences with Video and Image Ads on Google Discover, YouTube, Shorts, and Gmail for Maximum Visibility.

Social Media Geotargeting

Leverage Facebook and Instagram: Show Ads to Direct Mail Recipients, and Expand Your Reach to Lookalike and Affinity Audiences Geographically Tailored to Mailing List Target Areas, Utilizing Keywords, Keyphrases, and Search/Browsing History for Precision Targeting.


Obtain Detailed Insights: Get a List of Anonymous Website Visitors and Direct Mail Recipients Who Engaged with Your Website, Complete with Contact Information and Their Actions. Utilize This Data to Construct 9-18% Response Mailing Lists and Validate Direct Mail Campaign Effectiveness.

Google Geotargeting

Showcase Ads on the Google Display Network: Target Direct Mail Recipients and Broaden Your Reach to Lookalike and Affinity Audiences, Strategically Selected Based on Geographical Data from Mailing List Target Areas, Relevant Keywords, Keyphrases, and Historical Search/Browsing Patterns.

Addressable Geo

Implement Geofencing for Targeted Ad Delivery: Surround the Residential or Business Addresses of Mail Recipients with a Digital Fence to Serve Ads to All Devices Located at the Address via the Display Network. Monitor Website Conversions Using Advanced Pixel Technology and Track In-Store or Commerce Location Visits through Device Pings for Comprehensive Engagement Analysis.

Email Notifications

Enhance Campaign Impact: Engage Mail Recipients with Two Strategic Emails—One Before and One After Mail Delivery. Highlight the Mail Piece within the Email and Encourage Recipients to Click on Its Image, Leading Them to Your Website. This Strategy Amplifies Impressions and Engagement, Boosting Overall Campaign Performance!

Access Real-Time Insights: The ConnectHub Dashboard Offers Instant ROI Tracking and Campaign Attribution, Alongside Easy Report Exports, Reducing the Need for Frequent Calls to Representatives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A: ConnectHub is a comprehensive marketing platform designed to enhance the effectiveness of traditional direct mail campaigns through the integration of digital marketing technologies.

A: By incorporating digital elements such as email marketing, online ads, and social media engagement, ConnectHub bridges the gap between offline and online marketing to improve campaign reach, engagement, and measurement.

A: Services include email follow-ups, social media ads, Google Display Network ads, retargeting for website visitors, and detailed analytics and tracking through a user-friendly dashboard.

A: Yes, ConnectHub uses advanced targeting techniques, including geofencing, lookalike audience creation, and keyword targeting to ensure your ads reach the most relevant audience.

A: Starting is simple. Contact us through our website to schedule a consultation, and our team will guide you through setting up your campaign according to your goals and budget.

A: While results can vary, most clients begin to see increased engagement and website traffic shortly after their direct mail pieces are delivered and their digital campaigns are launched.

A: Pricing depends on the scope of your campaign, including the size of your direct mail send-out and the extent of digital services integrated. We offer customizable packages to fit various budgets and goals.

A: We strive to accommodate businesses of all sizes and can offer solutions that match different budgetary needs. Please contact us for a tailored quote.

A: Our clients receive comprehensive support, including campaign setup assistance, ongoing optimization, and detailed performance analysis.

A: Clients can access real-time analytics and reporting through our management portal, allowing for up-to-the-minute tracking of campaign effectiveness, ROI, and more.

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